using bold colors with woodridge il realtor

Proper Use of Bold Colors When Painting | Woodridge IL Realtors

using bold colors with woodridge il realtor

When preparing your home to sell it is important to know current design trends. Today’s buyer has particular tastes and it is well worth the time to find out what is desired and how to incorporate it into your market preparations. When it comes to repainting your home, the standard has long been to stick with gray. It is a neutral color that enables buyers to dream about their own décor in the house. However, using some bold colors is on the rise as well. A word of caution, however, is to choose your bold color areas carefully and keep it to a minimum. Enjoy some bold color tips from Woodridge IL real estate agent Paul Titterington.

Popular Rooms to Brighten Up

The kitchen is typically the most important room for buyers as the majority of time is spent there. Try adding a bold color as an accent around the kitchen sink. The trim around the room and even the backsplash are good locations. Remember that bold colors should be complementary to the main color of the room. No deep red with that sky blue, please. You might consider coordinating your accent color with items in the kitchen like hanging pots and pans or even dish towels. In the bathroom, think tub and sink when incorporating deep colors. To really go big, choose one wall to paint with your bold color and go with ivory or white for the others. Remember to compliment with matching shower curtains and towels as well.

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Gain Impact with Architecture

Sometimes you can add a rich red or a daring green to the architectural aspects of your home. For instance, consider areas like the molding, trim, or baseboard. Whenever more bold colors are used there is always a risk involved. Thus it can be beneficial to try out areas that can be easily replaced if for some reason the lighting just doesn’t do justice to the color. Other places to try are the staircase railing or fireplace mantle to maximize impact.

Curb Appeal that Demands Attention

When using bold colors on the exterior of your home, start with the front door. It will attract buyers and increase your curb appeal. Remember that first impressions make a big difference when selling your home. You can also go for shutters, window planters, and trim. Using bold colors on historic homes has grown in popularity as well. A word of caution, however, is to check with your municipality for any regulations regarding colors you can paint your home. In an effort to preserve history purple and yellow together may not be permitted.

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