Assessing the Worth of Your House


Westmont IL Real Estate Agent Helps You Assess Your House


Understanding Assessment

Believe it or not, assessing your home doesn’t start with the house. Its starts with the neighborhood. Professional assessors survey the area as a whole and then zero in on your house. Then they draw up appropriate documentation for each aspect of the assessment to help in budget planning, community services, and for potential disputes.

One of the factors of an assessment is comparable real estate. These are the values of properties that are close to one another. Tracking the local sales of a specific area is one way of gauging market values. The ratio of house values to recent selling prices will have a significant impact on the overall value of a home. The condition of the real estate market is another factor that is considered. As a Westmont IL real estate agent that has been in the business for many years, Paul Titterington has first-hand knowledge of the effects that fluctuations have on the market. Another important factor is the location of the house in relation to neighborhood attractions. Living near a downtown area or a train station will definitely drive up the value of your home. There are several homes in Westmont IL near the downtown area, as well as, the train station. Contact Westmont IL Realtor Paul Titterington for available homes in the area.

When considering your house specifically, assessors will take into consideration some of these factors:

  • Number of rooms
  • Additional features like a pool or garage
  • Square footage
  • Any additions or home improvements (new kitchen, etc.)
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Assessing Your Area

To get a general assessment of your area you can use the resources provided by website’s like to find out about details that might affect the value of your house. For example, you can find out about any foreclosures in the area. These aren’t as scary as they used to be, but know that they will devalue your house. You can also check out other houses that are for sale near you. Homes that are similar to yours can be a fair gauge to use to determine the value of your house. The market for real estate in Westmont IL, for example, is strong enough to provide several homes with which to compare. Contact Westmont IL real estate agent Paul Titterington for some of these comparisons.

Assessing Your House

In all fairness, it isn’t recommended that you attempt to assess the value of your house on your own. The reason for this is that there are many details to include, and they affect one another. For example, if your kitchen is outdated, but you put on a new roof, these will affect one another and both need to be compared to the current state of the market. For an accurate assessment of your house, contact a professional real estate agent. Feel free to contact Realtor Paul Titterington for questions and all your real estate needs. The last thing you want to do is assess your house incorrectly and end up with an inaccurate price. This means you will either lose money, or not sell it at all.

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