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Woodridge IL Realtor Discloses Tips on Disclosure


Understanding Disclosure

As a Realtor in Woodridge, IL understanding and communicating disclosure is a mainstay. Including a disclosure statement in the process of selling your house is for the purpose of informing the buyer about the condition of the house. This not only involves its current physical condition, but also any changes that the property has undergone. From roof repair to significant construction projects and even development projects in the vicinity, these would all qualify to be a part of the disclosure statement. In Woodridge IL, for example, real estate is affected by ongoing developments. Obviously, the goal is to accurately  portray the property to the potential buyer. However, disclosure also protects the seller from future legal issues that  might arise regarding the condition of the house.

What to Include in Disclosure

Here’s a few standard items to include in disclosure:

  • Any improvements or upgrades on the house
  • Work done with or without a permit
  • Pets, pests, and infestations
  • Property disputes
  • Defects of appliances, water heaters, or any other typical function
  • Bankruptcy or liens on the property

Serving the Woodridge, IL area and its surrounding communities with real estate services provides priceless wisdom in many areas. Regarding disclosure statements, if you think you should include something, you probably should.

Warnings About Disclosure

Whatever reports exists about your house, include them in the disclosure. It doesn’t matter how old the report may be. You’ll want to include it to avoid unexpected problems later on. Also, include anything that will devalue the house. You may want to include aspects that would make the house less desirable, even if it doesn’t affect its value. Another warning about disclosures you’ll want to understand pertains to estimates. Make sure you are clear that any estimates are just that: estimates. So, for example, if you ball-park the square footage, make it clear that its an estimate. It’s beneficial to get an inspection to identify what needs to be disclosed. For more information about what to include in a disclosure statement, contact Woodridge, IL Realtor Paul Titterington through the avenues provided below.

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