Safety Checklist When Moving Into a New Home

disaster preparedness after moving downers grove real estate agent paul titterington

disaster preparedness after moving downers grove real estate agent paul titterington

Downers Grove Real Estate Agent | Moving Safety Checklist

Your clients have so much to consider on moving day, nevertheless, it’s essential that they have more than simply organizing and unpacking on their to-do checklist, based on The Red Cross. The group recently featured a number of objects home buyers ought to take into consideration when settling in to a new home in Downers Grove.

Create fire escape plans and meeting locations.

The plan ought to include two methods to exit the house and set two completely different meeting areas for members of the family. One could be a gathering space right outside of the Downers Grove house in case of a fire, whereas one other can be a gathering place outside of the Downers Grove neighborhood, in case the other area is blocked in an emergency.

Create a survival kit.

Have sufficient meals and water for every individual for 3 days.

Establish your extreme weather shelter.

Find the most secure spot within the house and designate it as your emergency storm shelter. The basement is one of the best spots.  If the house does not have a basement, designate an inside spot away from windows on the bottom floor of the house, such as a rest room or closet.

Update your app alert areas.

Weather and safety apps might have to be notified of clients’ new location details. For instance, the Red Cross Emergency App provides alert preferences for all of the places and kinds of disasters users may need to monitor.

Decorate with earthquakes in mind.

This isn’t only a California problem anymore it’s also a Downers Grove Illinois problem. Keep away from hanging heavy objects above seating areas, beds, and cribs. Secure furnishings that would fall in a quake, such as bookshelves and televisions.

More from the Red Cross on home fire preparedness.

Assess your fire risks.

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As clients are unpacking, they need to be storingall flammable objects a minimum of three feet away from something that gets hot, such as space heaters. Be certain that they know to not run wiring beneath rugs or overload electrical outlets and extension cords. Additionally, don’t forget to test the smoke alarms and ensure they’re working.

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