Why Use a Real Estate Agent


Wisdom about Using a Real Estate Agent in Lisle, IL



You can learn how to sell your home yourself and save on the cost of a real estate agent. You can also learn how to defend yourself in court, build a new house from the ground up, and fix the mother-board on your computer. But do you want to take the time to learn how and have to deal with the many mistakes you’ll make in the process? There’s many reports, forms, disclosures, and other technical reports that you’ll need to understand and deal with when selling your house on your own. Also, you will be working with real estate agents for potential buyers. This means that you will have to know something about Realtor terms, acronyms, etc. An experienced Realtor will be able to save you time and costly errors. Consider professional Lisle IL Realtor Paul Titterington for all your real estate needs.


When selling your home, you want it to be viewed by thousands of potential buyers through the Multiple Listing Service. As a Lisle IL real estate agent, Paul Titterington also utilizes all the major housing websites, like Zillow.com, as well as, social media sites. There’s just no way to provide that kind of exposure on your own.


When working with the real estate agents of potential buyers, you will have to be able to negotiate. A qualified Realtor will be able to deal with cunning tactics, all-cash offers, bidding wars, and the like. Going into a heated negotiation unprepared means that  you will lose money. As a Realtor in Lisle IL, Paul Titterington will stand firm with you in tough negotiations, treating you as a partner, not a transaction. Drawing up a purchase agreement with enough time for things like contingencies and inspections is also a part of this. Don’t go into this unprepared. Contact us today!

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Code of Ethics

Last, having a good real estate agent means adhering to a high standard of business ethics. Realtors are held to a Code of Ethics, being licensed and associated with a reputable agency. This is an area that is very important in the services provided by Realtor Paul Titterington of Lisle IL. With honorable business practices and knowledgeable real estate services, the end result is getting your home sold the right way.

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