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Magazine Article Personality

Real Estate Agents Need Personality

Real Estate agents can be boring.  I get boring, or at least I get bored with myself.  As I try and stay relevant and helpful to people I want to stand out as someone who is not boring at all.  I find that the biggest part of distinguishing one's self is to be aware of their personality and and really own who they are.  I found this test in the magazine I send out, and I really like it.  I am about to take it and maybe you would like to take it too-- it looks fun.  I love movies and this time of year is great for staying at home and catching a flick (especially in this snow lately!). If you are curious about what my results were then say so in the comments below or on Facebook.  

Take the test yourself and check out a bunch of other interesting articles in this magazine.


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Magazine Article Personality


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