selling obstacles help from downers grove il realtor

Downers Grove Realtor Helps With Selling Challenges

selling obstacles help from downers grove il realtor

When the time comes to sell your home there are many things that need to be done. Along with your regular daily to-do list, you’ll have a whole new one associated with your move. The excitement of a life change and the potential you can get for your home will serve as motivation to tackle this list. However, there are likely a number of things that hinder your motivation. Here are few ways to beat those home selling preparation blues from professional real estate agent Paul Titterington.

Manageable Chunks

The task of preparing your home for the market includes repairs, upgrades, de-cluttering, staging, and many others. As you look at the big pictures with its many details it can seem overwhelming. To prevent this from working against you, set a good plan. Break down the tasks into categories that can be managed. For example, when de-cluttering make a list like this:

  • Room Closets
  • Bathroom closets
  • Laundry room
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Garage

Record on your list the amount of time you think it will take as well. Put the task on your schedule. It is a lot easier to see one task as doable rather than twenty!

Just Do It

Even with a manageable task list, it is sometimes difficult to get started with the actual work. For this obstacle, it is recommended that you focus on the first step. If you are starting with cleaning out your bedroom closet, for example, open up the door and pull out whatever is on the floor. Once you get into a project it is often hard to stop working on it. The trick is to just take the first step to get into it.

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Get Rid of It

Another challenge that you may face when working towards preparing your home for the market is simply that you have too much going on. This is true of most of us. One way to overcome this one is to find things that you can either eliminate or postpone. This might mean putting off that bathroom upgrade until the repairs are done. Or perhaps you can wait to take that yoga class until next season. Knowing when to say ‘no’ to something enables you to say yes to things of a higher priority now.

Be Goal Centered

One last bit of advice when it comes to motivation and getting ready to sell is to have attainable goals to shoot for. You might hit them, you might not, but the goal is to works towards them. Perhaps it takes you six weeks instead of four to get all the repairs done. That’s okay. The goal was to put in work at a consistent rate to get things ready. For help selling your home contact Downers Grove IL real estate agent Paul Titterington.

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