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Lisle IL Real Estate Agent Shares About Advertising Your House


Marketing a house well is more of an art than a science. You can have an impressive house, but if it isn’t presented well, and to the right potential buyers, you may not have an easy time selling it. Consider the following tips about marketing your house well, and contact Lisle IL real estate agent Paul Titterington for all your house selling needs.

Get It In Shape

Before showing off your house to potential buyers, make sure it is in the best shape possible. Here are a few aspects to consider:

  • Curb appeal – Touch up the paint, cut the lawn, pull weeds, plant flowers, repair the roof.
  • Fresh paint – consider painting areas that need it. Use neutral colors if possible.
  • Repairs – tend to minor repairs like leaking faucets, old door and window screens, and broken cabinets.
  • Pack Up – get everything that is not required for you to function out of the house.
  • Clean – make sure every  part of the house is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Move the Furniture – you want potential buyers to be able to move freely through the house.
  • Light and Mood – when showing your house, open all the shades and turn on the lights. Keep the temperature comfortable as well.

Professional Pictures and Video

With over 90% of people starting their search for a house online, you want the pictures to be engaging. There’s a lot of competition out there. We recommend hiring a professional photographer. Capture each aspect of the house, and highlight the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. Video is also a powerful tool. This can attract potential buyers and help them get excited about your house. As a real estate agent in Lisle IL, utilizing both of these powerful marketing tools is important.

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Social Media Marketing

Once you have your pictures and video it will be time to write a professional description, make a listing for your house, and get it in front of those potential buyers. Let your real estate agent handle this part of the process. Having provided realty services as a real estate agent in Lisle IL, social media networks that are needed to market houses are already established and ready to go. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and even Pinterest are a few that can be very helpful, to name a few.

Work with Your Neighbors

There’s no doubt that your neighbors will be interested in the fact that you will be moving. This will mean a goodbye to you and new neighbors for them. Send them a link to your listing and ask them to share it. You can invite them to your open house if you have one. They can help connect with potential buyers and present the finer aspects of the neighborhood.

These are just a few strategies that can be used to market your house for sale. For more information or home selling services, contact Lisle IL real estate agent Paul Titterington.

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