home trends by downers grove il real estate agent

Downers Grove IL Realtor on Upcoming Home Trends

home trends by downers grove il real estate agent

The next generation is slowly entering the real estate market and bringing with them new desired trends. This generation values function, design, and technology. New construction contractors will do well to learn what they can about millennial buyers and homeowners will benefit as well. Here are a few upcoming home trends millennials will love from professional Downers Grove IL real estate agent Paul Titterington.

Electric What?

Let’s start with one of the most unexpected trends for homes in 2017: electric car charging stations. That’s right, energy efficiency is big with millennials. The electric car industry has been growing and is likely to continue to do so. The price tag on this? Somewhere around three thousand dollars in general. As a real estate agent in Downers Grove IL, preparing for the next generation of home shoppers in essential.

Windows that Save

Another energy saving function of a home can be automated windows. These types of windows have a feature to give the homeowner a reminder to close the windows and lock them. The idea is to save on energy bills. As a Downers Grove IL Realtor, it seems reasonable that millennials will love this for a few reasons. First, it saves money. Second, it saves energy – a high value of the millennial generation. Last, it involves technology – another love of this generation.

Anything Tech

Millennials grew up in the technological revolution. It is what they know. This means that any kind of technological feature of a home will likely add value for these buyers. Thermostats that adjust automatically or can be controlled from a smartphone are a good example. A video feed from the front entrance, and improved security systems that are voice activated are a few others. Knowing what buyers are looking for is a benefit for serving sellers as a Downers Grove IL real estate agent.

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Back to the Farm

Despite the interest in technology, barn wood doesn’t seem to be going away. In fact, it is likely to move from simply using barn wood to actually employing barn doors. Refinished barn doors can add a dynamic element to the kitchen or even living room. It might seem like having a barn door next to a stainless steel appliance is counterintuitive, however, it’s appealing to younger buyers. For more information on preparing your home for the real estate market, or for help selling your home contact experienced Downers Grove IL Realtor Paul Titterington today!


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